Strawberry and granadilla jam



Make your own strawberry and granadilla jam to top delicious cakes and scones.

  • 40 mins
  • Makes 5 x 250ml bottles
  • Easy


  • 1kg strawberries, hulled and halved
  • 4½ cups (1kg) sugar
  • 1 cup (250ml) lemon juice
  • 2 cups (500ml) granadilla pulp (fresh or tinned)


  1. Heat the strawberries, sugar, lemon juice and granadilla in a large saucepan over medium heat. Bring to the boil and cook, stirring occasionally, for 40 minutes or until thickened. Test the consistency. (See note below.)
  2. Skim any foam that comes to the surface regularly.
  3. Carefully pour the hot jam into 5 x 250ml sterilised jars (fill to the top), seal tightly and allow to cool. Store in a cool, dark place or in the fridge.

Note: To test the consistency, place a saucer in the freezer to chill. To test whether the jam is ready, place a spoonful of it on the cold saucer. Run your finger through the jam and if the line remains, the jam is ready.

Magazine issue date: July, 2012


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