'Coloured glass' soetkoekie tutorial

‘Coloured glass’ soetkoekie tutorial

Add some Christmas flair to your cookies with this charming touch – make your soetkoekies look like stained glass. See our step-by-step picture tutorial on how to do it. 


These Christmas trees are easy – and delicious – to pull together, but with a little creative flair you can really make them shine. Follow our picture tutorial to make these stained glass soetkoekies.

1.Roll out your dough between two sheets of clingwrap.


Roll out your refrigerated soetkoekie dough between two sheets of clingwrap

2. Stamp out your cookie shape with a cookie cutter, and carefully prie them from the dough before placing them on a prepared baking sheet.

webcookietutorial2 webcookietutorial6

3. Using a smaller cookie cutter, carefully take out a central star mirroring the shape of the bigger cookie.


webcookietutorial7 webcookietutorial8

4. In the meanwhile, crush some Sparkles or plain sugar glass sweets, in a variety of colours, and place in a bowl.


Using a rolling pin, smash them in their wrappers.


5. Carefully place your smashed sweets within the hole left in your cookie, being careful not to overcrowd it so they don’t run over.


6. Bake as per your recipe instructions, and wait to cool. You now have stained glass soetkoekies!

webcookietutorial10 webcookietutorial




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