How to cook the perfect steak

How to cook the perfect steak

There’s nothing quite as great as a really good steak, and the person who knows best how to cook it is Steve Maresch, the owner of The Local Grill. The Johannesburg based grill house is a two time winner of the national Wolftrapp Steakhouse Championships and aside from aging their own meat, know how best to prepare it too. Here’s Steve’s advice on how to cook the perfect steak…


1) Know your supplier! ‘I believe in understanding your meat from field to fork,’ says Steve, ‘Any great dish relies on great ingredients.’ Check that the source is hygenic, that the meat is grass or grain fed, and that it’s been aged.

2) Look out for meat that is marbled. The extra fat adds flavour.

3) Make sure your meat is vacuum packed – this ensures there is less bacteria.

4) Take it out the fridge the morning of the day you cook it to let it get to room temperature. If your steak is frozen, leave it to defrost in the fridge over night. If meat comes from the cold to the heat too quickly it shocks the steak and affects the reaction the fat will have when cooked.

5) Seasoning is also very important! The Local Grill’s secret spice uses mustard seed, paprika, thyme, origanum, slat and freeze dried onion. Try our dry rub recipe.

6) To actually cook your steak get the skillet or pan hot without oil (it’s hot enough when you sprinkle water on the skillet and the water hisses).

7) Put the steak on the hot pan and dab some melted butter or oil on the meat.

8) Turn your steak every fifteen seconds until done to your prefered level.

9) Most importantly, when you’ve finsihed cooking the steak, let it rest for about 30 seconds. This allows the muscle fibres to contract again and keep the juices in


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