Your family quilt-along week 5

Your family quilt-along week 5

Joining the quilt together

Hello again! This week, you’re going to be putting the quilt together. We’re sure you’re so excited to see your hard work coming to fruition!

We’ll sew the quilt together in the directions indicated below.

 Sewing the quilt together.

Sew the rows together

Refer to the quilt grid below.

FG = Flying Geese block
G = Giraffe section
P = Plain block

Quilt grid

  • Sew the blocks in Row 1 together with a quarter inch seam allowance. Follow the pattern in Picture 1, so that you get the correct pattern of Flying Geese blocks and plain blocks.
  • Iron the seams in Row 1 to the left.
  • Sew the blocks in Row 2 together.
  • Iron the seams in Row 2 to the right.
  • Sew Rows 1 and 2 together. When you join the rows the seams should butt against each other as in the pictures below. Make sure that the vertical seam lines between A1 and A2, B1 and B2, an so on, line up nicely.

Quilt along

Seams butted together

Quilt along

 Looking from the right side

Sew the columns together

  • Sew A3-A6 together.
  • Sew B3-B6 together.
  • Sew E3-E6 together.
  • Sew A3-B6 to B3-B6. Then sew this to the giraffe section.
  • Sew the giraffe section to E3-E6.
  • Finally, sew Rows 2 and 3 together to complete the quilt.

Backing and batting

  • Now we have the quilt all joined together and it ’s time to sandwich it with backing and batting.
  • Cut your backing fabric and batting so that it is about 2cm wider than each edge of the patchwork.
  • On a big table, lay the backing (wrong side up). Lay the batting on top of this. Finally, lay your patchwork quilt on top (right side up). Make sure there are no creases in the three layers.
  • Using quilter’s safety pins, pin the three layers together. Spread the pins about a hand’s-width apart.

Quilter’s safety pins

Quilt along pins

Pin the 3 layers together making the pins about a hands-width apart.

Share the love with #YFquiltalong

We’re sure your quilt is looking wonderful by now! Share some pictures of your progress on Instagram or Facebook!

Next week we will be quilting the quilt, so you will need your walking foot. It would be a good idea if you got used to your walking foot, so put it on your machine and practise quilting straight lines with some scrap material sandwiched together.

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