How to make a Floral Cake Topper

How to make a Floral Cake Topper

Make a beautiful floral cake topper by using pineapple slices. These pineapple cake toppers are simple to make and delicious too.

How to make a Floral Cake TopperIngredients

  • 2 pineapples, peeled
  • 30ml (2T) castor sugar
  • 30ml (2T) water



1) Preheat oven to 120°C. Thinly slice the pineapples into rings. Heat the sugar and water in the microwave until dissolved. Brush both sides of the pineapple slices with sugar syrup and pack on a large wire rack over large baking tray. Dry for about 1 hour 10 minutes.


2) Line the rounds of an egg carton base with pieces of foil. Press warm slices of pineapple over each lined cup to create a flower shape. Set aside to cool.

TIP: Place the pineapple flowers on your favourite cake, no icing needed!


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