How to melt chocolate

How to melt chocolate

Melting chocolate and making sure it doesn’t overheat or seize is easy with the following tips.

How-to-melt-chocolateBefore you start, break the chocolate into blocks or chop into even sizes to ensure they melt at the same time.


Heat for 1 minute, then turn the chocolate over once. Then heat at 30 seconds intervals, stirring (don’t stir too much or it wil seize) until melted with a few small unmelted chocolate pieces in. The heat in the chocolate will continue melting the small lumps. This process normally takes 3 minutes depending on the quality of the chocolate used. Don’t overheat, or it will seize.


Fit a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, ensuring the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Lift and feel the base of the bowl often. You should be able to hold it in your hands to ensure it doesn’t get too hot and seize the chocolate. Make sure not to get any steam or moisture into the chocolate as this will also make it seize.

We prefer using Cadbury’s Bournville dark and milk chocolate, or Cadbury’s Dream for white chocolate in our recipes, as they’re affordable, delicious and easy to work with. If you prefer using couverture chcoclate like Lindt or Valrhona, they must be tempered before covering or setting. This helps when making truffles or chocolate bark, for example. Tempering isn’t necessary when used in baking.

TIP: Saving seized chocolate

Stir 15ml vegetable oil into 180g chocolate until incorporated and smooth. It can’t be used for dipping, but it can still be used in baked goodies like brownies, cakes and cookies.

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