Food tutorials



Sushi etiquette

Ocean Basket shares 10 sushi etiquette secrets to give you the know-how.


Baking spices

All you need to know about choosing, storing, and combining classic baking spices.


Bobotie Springrolls tutorial

Follow our recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the pastry to make Bobotie Springrolls in this tutorial.


Pulled-pork tutorial

Follow this easy tutorial with delicious recipe to make lip-smacking pulled pork.


Custard tutorial

A step-by-step custard tutorial. Ingredients 500ml milk 125ml sugar 4 extra- large egg yolks, at room temperature 5ml vanilla essence


How to debone whole chicken

Deboning a whole chicken looks challenging, but it’s actually relatively simple and will allow you to cook things like chicken


Pineapple flowers tutorial

Follow this simple step-by-step photo tutorial, with recipe, to make your own oven dried pineapple flowers. These make beautiful cake


How to peel a cactus pear

Don't let its prickly exterior prevent you from enjoying a delicious cactus pear. We show you how to peel a


How to poach an egg

Poached eggs are not only healthy but delicious too. We show you how to poach an egg like a

How to chop a pepper

We've teamed up with Chef Martin, a judge from The Clover Little Big Cook Off, to show you the best