How to debone whole chicken

How to debone whole chicken

Deboning a whole chicken looks challenging, but it’s actually relatively simple and will allow you to cook things like chicken roulade. Follow our step-by-step photo tutorial to debone whole chicken! 

chicken roulade

Here are the steps:

1. Place the chicken, breast-side up, on a clean surface. Cut the pope’s nose, drumstick knuckles and wing tips off at the joint with a boning knife or kitchen scissors.


2. Cut the wishbone out at the neck by sliding the knife along the underside of the wishbone and cutting around and under the wishbone until it’s loose. Pull out.


3. Turn the bird over and cut along the backbone from the neck to the tail.

step34. Keep the knife close to the bones and use your fingers to pull the flesh away from the carcass. Cut through the ball-and-socket joints connecting the wing and thigh bones to the carcass, so that they’re separated from the carcass, but still attached to the skin. When this step is complete on both sides, the meat will be attached only along the ridge of the breastbone. Gently (as the skin tears easily) pull to separate the breastbone and carcass from the flesh.


5. While holding the wing bone from inside the bird, cut through the tendons and scrape the meat from the bone. Pull out the bone, using the knife to free it. Repeat with the drumsticks.



6. Reposition the wing and leg meat so the skin side is out.


Now test out your new skills with one of these chicken recipes.



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