How to make a floral teapot centerpiece

How to make a Floral Teapot Centrepiece

Watch our quick video on how to make a floral teapot centerpiece; this was the highlight of our gorgeous Spring tea feature and we have a quick video the behind the scenes. 

Margie Els-Burger, Your Family food editor, was inspired to do a tea feature about two years ago, ‘I’ve always wanted to do it, and I liked the challenge of keeping the delicate flavours of the teas!’ she says.

The centerpiece for a feature like this had to be beautiful – something to represent the flavours gushing out of the teapot. ‘I wanted it to be a tea party in two ways – small, delicate eats, and everything flavoured with tea,’ says Margie.

But how did we make the centerpiece? Art director Carryl Bristow made this visual inspiration a reality – with chicken mesh, oasis, and flowers. ‘I was worried about the plants wilting by the end of the shoot, but I was also worried about the weight of the water-logged oasis in the chicken mesh.’ In the end, the ‘steam’ was suspended on a pole above the frame of the photographs.

‘I really enjoyed seeing it come together,’ says Carryl, ‘I loved filling out the skeleton. We decided to use mainly white flowers so it would really look like steam.’



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