Step by step pastry lattice pattern

How to make a pastry lattice pattern

The beautiful interwoven look of the pastry lattice that tops many fruit pies, letting the hot steam out from the baking ingredients, is actually quite simple.

Follow our step-by-step photo tutorial to make the perfect pastry lattice. 

pastry lattice tutorial

1 Make sure the pastry strips are firm, otherwise chill in the fridge first. Lay half of the pastry strips, 1.5cm apart, vertically over the filled tart case.

step 1

2 Fold every other strip halfway back up. Place one of the remaining pastry strips horizontally over the tart. Unfold the folded strips over the horizontal strip.

step 2

step 3

step 43 Take the vertical strips that are running underneath the horizontal strip and fold them back up over the horizontal strip. Lay down a second horizontal pastry strip, with 1.5cm space between the horizontal strips.step 5

4 Unfold the folded vertical strips over the second strip. Repeat with the remaining strips, until the tart is completely covered.

pastry lattice

5 Trim the pastry edges, pushing the sides into the baked pastry

step 7


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