Perfect cheese board

Follow this step-by-step picture tutorial and make the perfect cheese board!

A cheese board is the easiest way of entertaining as everything is prepared before guests arrive. And it’ll suit everyone from banters to vegetarians and picky eaters, as they can pick and choose according to their needs.

  • Serves 8
  • Takes 10 mins + resting


  • 3 x 200g assorted cheeses
  • handful leaves
  • 2 x carriers/carbs
  • 3 x 8 slices assorted meats
  • 2-3 savoury extras
  • 2-3 sweet extras

How to

1.Remove cheeses from fridge 20 minutes before serving so they can reach room temperature. Place leaves on your cheese board and top with the cheeses.



 2.Place your bread and crackers on the board, followed by the meats and condiments. Finally, place fresh fruit and extra herbs.


How much and what to buy 


Work on about 80g of cheese per person. Include at least 3 different types of cheese: soft cheese like Brie or Camembert; semi-hard cheese like aged Cheddar or smoked Gouda; and hard/semi-hard cheese like Parmesan, pecorino or Emmental. Include blue cheese or goat’s cheese if your guests are adventurous eaters or cream cheese for the less brave.


Include 3 different types of meat and 1 slice of each per guest: salami, Black Forest ham, prosciutto, gypsy ham.

Savoury extras:

Include 3 different types and about 50g per person: olives, nuts, pickles, artichokes, tapenade or pesto, herbs or leaves (like rocket or basil).

Sweet extras:

Include 3 different types and about 50g per person: fresh fruit like grapes, figs or strawberries; jam, preserves, honey and dried fruit.


Offer about 5 per person, depending on size of bread and crackers. Include artisanal breads like ciabatta or French loaf and mixed crackers or breadsticks. Add low-carb crackers for those who are Banting or following a low-carb diet.



Tip: keep costs down! Raid your fridge and pantry for leftover preserves, olives, dried fruit and nuts. You can also ask guests to bring their favourite cheese instead of buying everything yourself.


Make your own:

Marinated olives

Combine 100g Kalamata olives, 45ml olive oil, 5ml crushed chillies, 80ml cubed feta, 60ml sun-dried tomatoes (optional), 1 garlic clove, halved.



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