How to upcycle an old lamp with recycled glass

Upcycle an old lamp with recycled glass

BLACK+DECKER DIY Inspiration search winner Stephen Pikus shows you how to upcycle an old bedside lamp using recycled glass.

Step 8 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker
BLACK+DECKER in collaboration with Grand Designs Live recently embarked on a DIY Guru Search for an aficionado with the most innovative and inspiring DIY project. Stephen Pikus was announced as the grand prize winner of the BLACK+DECKER Inspiration search and South Africa’s ultimate DIY Guru at Grand Designs Live at the TicketPro Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg, for his innovative ‘Fire and Ice’ upcycled chandeliers made from recycled glass, wire, fishing gut, and metal rounds, and his lamps made from recycled air and oil filters repurposed from scrap. Stephen won an impressive Stanley Black & Decker hamper of tools that included both BLACK+DECKER and STANLEY tools, appliances, and storage solutions. ‘I was inspired a lot by the concept of the search, it’s not a project meant for professionals, anyone could enter the competition. I love projects where I can get my hands dirty and the BLACK+DECKER DIY Inspiration Search was a very good platform for that’, says Stephen.

Stephen had booked a stand at Grand Designs Live for this company ‘Green Light District’ which brightens up homes, with innovative décor, while caring for the environment and honouring the heritage of the raw materials. Green Light District chandeliers are made entirely from recycled glass he generally collects from the field, such as an abandoned beach hotel in Xai Xai (Mozambique) that is 70 years old, each piece of glass has a story. ‘I also love designing stuff for my home,’ says Stephen.

Stephen was raised north of Johannesburg where he was exposed to construction as his father was a building contractor, and this is where his love to work with his hands began. He recently moved back to Johannesburg from Tzaneen where he stayed for 10 years raising funds for an NPO using his DIY expertise. “We had very little budget and everything we had to do, we had to think outside the box, which meant recycling and repurposing whatever we found,” says Stephen.

You will need

  • A STANLEY tape measure
  • A STANLEY utility knife
  • A STANLEY multi-tool
  • An old lampshade and base
  • Copper wire (old electrical cables are prefect)
  • Beach Glass
  • Fishing gut
  • A bit of paint may be necessary

To make

Step 1

Step 1 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

Take an old, out dated lamp and carefully cut the fabric off the shade (hardware stores and other retailers sell frames, if you don’t have an old one lying around).

Step 2

Step 2 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

Gather a bag of pieces of glass, Stephen used light blue, aqua and white beach glass that he had collected. Wrap each piece of beach glass with off cuts of copper wire, using a STANLEY multi-tool to fasten the last bit.

Step 3

Step 3 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

Then measure the length between the top and bottom rings of the lampshade frame and make a note of that measurement.

Step 4

Step 4 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

Use fishing gut/line to tie each piece of wrapped glass together, leaving a very small gap between each piece of glass. Make sure to have at least 100mm extra fishing gut on both sides of the string of glass – this is to secure each end to the frame.

Step 5

Step 5 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

You will now tie the glass strands to the frame. To help make it easier to work on, mount the shade on your lamp base. Tie two or three strings of glass to the frame then the same amount opposite as this will help the lamp not to fall over all the time while working on it. Once all the strings of glass are in place, use a STANLEY utility knife to trim the excess pieces of gut.

Step 6

Step 6 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

Remove the new glass lampshade from the base and after cleaning and slightly sanding the base, spray paint it, Stephen chose white. Paint it last as you don’t want to scratch or dirty it during the process and have to paint it again. Put the frame back on the base once the paint is dry.

Step 7

Step 7 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

And voila! One could use beads or shells to add to the glass strings for variation.

Step 8

Step 8 - Lampshade chandelier_black+decker

Put in a light bulb, plug it in and you have light … Greenlight District Style!

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