Your family quilt-along week 3

Your family quilt-along week 3

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Flying Geese

Hi! Are you ready to start sewing? For this week’s installment, you’ll need your 24 7” x 7” squares that you cut last week (12 of each colour). You’re going to be making a quilting block called Flying Geese. This block gets its name from the two triangles that look like the wings of two geese flying up above. You’ll need to make 12 Flying Geese blocks altogether, so let’s get going! If you need a recap, you can go back to quilt-along week 1 or quilt-along week 2.

Sew squares together

  • Get your pile of 7” x 7” squares that you cut last week.
  • Take one green (colour 1) square and one grey (colour 2) square.
  • Put them on top of each other (right sides facing in, wrong sides visible) and sew a quarter inch seam around the edge using your quarter inch foot.

Two 7” x 7” squares, one from colour 1, one from colour 2.

Sew the squares together.

Cutting triangles

We are now going to cut this square into 4 triangles.

  • Place the seamed square onto the cutting mat.
  • Place your ruler diagonally across the square, so that it meets the opposite corners.
  • Cut along this line, and then lift the ruler carefully – don’t move the fabric.
  • Turn your ruler so that it meets the other two opposite corners in a diagonal line.
  • Cut along this line.
  • Open up each triangle and you see a square with 2 triangles.
  • Iron the square pressing the seam to the darker side. I have pressed to the green side.

Four triangles with a seam on the long sides.

Four squares, each made up of two triangles.

Squaring off and sewing the blocks

Now we need to square the blocks off to measure 4 ½” x 4 ½”.

  • Take the 6½” x 6½” ruler and place it on the square as above. Check that the square is 4½” x 4½”. If not, then trim along the right side and top side. Turn the square around, clockwise 180°, lining up the cut side with the 4½” line on the left and bottom, then trim the right side and top.
  • Arrange the squares as above.
  • Sew them together, using a quarter inch seam to make an 8½” x 8½” square.

Measuring the squares –  4½” x 4½”.

The arrangement of the squares to form the Flying Geese block.

Make the remaining Flying Geese blocks

Now that you know how to make the Flying Geese block, you need to repeat the process with the rest of the 7” x 7” blocks. You will need 12 Flying Geese blocks in total, each measuring 8½” x 8½”.

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We hope you enjoyed making the Flying Geese. You can really call yourself a quilter now! Next week we will appliqué the Giraffe.

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