How to grow and use lavender

How to grow and use lavender

This ancient herb has so many uses in the modern home. Grow your own supply to use in one of these clever ways…

use lavender

  1. Repel moths and fleas: hang bunches of lavender in a cool, dry, place, with the flowers facing downwards. Once dried, remove the flowers and place in muslin bags to place in your wardrobe. Tucking a sachet into your pet’s bedding will help repel fleas.
  2. Relax in a lavender bath: soothe away stress by hanging a sachet of dried lavender under your hot water tap.
  3. Make a scented oil by placing 30ml chopped lavender leaves in a bottle filled with 200ml vegetable oil and 15ml white vinegar. After two weeks, strain off the leaves and add freshly chopped leaves. Repeat until the scent of the oil is as intense as you like. Add to your bath to relieve muscle tension.
  4. Use lavender flowers to garnish jellies and fruit salads.
  5. Make a soothing tea by pouring boiling water over a sprig of English lavender. Sweeten with honey if desired and drink before bed.


  • Grow lavender along a pathway, so that its scent is released when you brush past it.
  • Overwatering is no good for lavender. Make sure the soil has good drainage, and if potted, that the excess water is able to drain away.
  • Plant lavender in a sunny position, and add lime to the soil to help establish it. It’ll attract bees to the garden, so if a family member has an allergy, it’s better to avoid it.
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