Author's Corner: Paige Nick

Author’s Corner: Paige Nick

We chat to Paige Nick, author of new release Dutch Courage.

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Paige is also an award-winning copywriter and Sunday Times columnist. Follow her on Twitter here. 

Q Is there a book out there that you wish you could have written yourself?
A Oh, so many. Also books that are so well written, so perfectly crafted, with so many incredibly smart, funny turns of phrase, that I know no matter how much I wish I could have written them, there’s just no way I could have found those words. And I guess those are the books that push me to try harder.

Q Was there a particular book that inspired you to write? If so, what was it, and how did it inspire you?
I don’t think there was one particular book that inspired me to write. It was just always something I wanted to do. But for other aspirant writers I can recommend Stephen King’s very famous and much reprinted book, On Writing. And Sol Stein’s fabulous writing workbook, Stein on Writing. Which reminds me, Darrel Bristow-Bovey has my copy, I must get it back from him.
Q Is there a book that you reread every few years?
Not really, although I always plan on rereading old favourites. One of these days I’ll set aside a month and reread all of Jim Crace’s books. But there’s always so much stuff I’m desperate to read that I can never carve out the time to reread old favourites. South African authors have really come into their own and I get ridiculously excited about the incredible offerings the authors around me are regularly bringing out.



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