6 must-have qualities for entrepreneurs

6 must-have qualities for entrepreneurs

Sometimes even the best business ideas battle to get off the ground. And while there are many variables that determine a business’s success or failure, having a capable leader at the helm is an excellent start.

According to Jess Mouneimne, author of Being Boss (Jam Media), there are six main characteristics that all entrepreneurs need to have in order to be successful:

1. Resilience

Starting a new business is challenging. You’ll face complex problems and hurdles, and being able to pick yourself up after setbacks and maintain your resolve after disappointments is key.

2. Agility

Small start-ups are able to make decisions and change strategies faster than their most established counterparts. Without cumbersome red tape that slows down processes, entrepreneurs who can act quickly are primed for growth.

3. Patience

Success doesn’t come overnight. Being able to stay optimistic and motivated while waiting to reap the rewards of your hard work is a key factor in success, as is being able to endure temporary hardships for long-term gain.

4. Trust

Trust works two ways. As you need to trust your team to follow your instructions, they also need to trust you. Maintaining open and consistent communication facilitates greater productivity and greater collaboration, both of which are essential to a start-up’s success.

5. Passion

Passion is what drives you, and being excited to go to work every day as a leader of your own enterprise will help you find the success you desire. Not every day needs to tick all the boxes, but you should feel satisfied at the end of the day.

6. Drive

Why do you get up in the morning? What do you crave? Whether it’s fame, financial freedom or stability, it’s worth spending time uncovering your primary motivators. They’ll get you through the not-so-fun days and keep you motivated when facing challenges.

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