Cooler bag snacks & holiday food essentials

Cooler bag snacks & holiday food essentials

Going away? We’ve put together a trusty list of cooler bag snacks & holiday food essentials to keep you happy on the long road…



  • Crunchy fruit and veggies like apples, carrots and celery sticks.
  • Take lots of water Fill one cooler box with 500ml water bottles and ice bricks, rather than larger bottles that you won’t be able to keep cold.
  • Cut cheese into sticks and wrap individually.
  • Trail mixes (with nuts, pretzels and dried fruits) and vegetable crisps are healthy snacks.
  • Stay away from fruits that can upset your stomach or leave you feeling tired, like food with excessive sugar, coffee/ caffeine, large meals, rich foods and food that causes gas (like eggs, peppers, and cauliflower).


  • Fruit and Nut Clusters and home-baked cookies are great fun to make in the build-up to the holiday.
  • It’s always great to have readymade meals to give you time to enjoy your holiday. Prepare frozen soups, lasagna, patties or koftas.
  • Don’t forget store-cupboard essentials like coffee, oil, long-life milk, couscous, seasonings, cereals, pre-mixes, sauces and tinned foods.
  • Take loads of fresh fruit as it travels well and is a healthy anytime snack.
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