Self-catering? Read THIS before booking...

Self-catering? Read THIS before booking…

Self-catering is an attractive way to holiday as you call the shots and can do things at your own pace in your own space! Here are our tips on self-catering…


  • Once you’ve found your ideal accommodation, search the Internet for any reviews. Past visitors will always be honest about their experiences, which may help you in making a decision.
  • When paying, make sure the payment is traceable and never pay with cash. Rather pay by credit or debit card and keep the proof of payment, just in case you need to lay a dispute.
  • Thoroughly check your booking form, especially the T’s&C’s (usually in small print) to see if you’re happy with what’s being offered and for any hidden costs. Check the cancellation terms particularly.
  • Confirm with the owner that essentials such as linen, towels, cutlery, crockery, pots and cleaning utensils will be provided. Also find out what isn’t included in your fee so that there won’t be any extras you may be expected to pay for like, ironing, laundry or dishwashing.
  • Arrive prepared… If you plan all your excursions before you leave, you won’t spend most of your time trying to entertain the family when you could be relaxing.


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